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quad bike

, quad
a vehicle like a motorcycle with four large wheels, designed for agricultural, sporting, and other off-road uses


A series of four separately insulated conductors, generally twisted together in pairs.
A series-parallel combination of transistors; used to obtain increased reliability through double redundancy, because the failure of one transistor will not disable the entire circuit.
(graphic arts)
One of the small pieces of metal used in typesetting to space or to fill out a line of characters; used mostly to fill space when indenting the first line and to fill out the last line of type.
A unit of heat energy, equal to 1015British thermal units, or approximately 1.055 × 1018 joules.


On drawings, abbr. for quadrangle.

quadrangle, quad

1. A rectangular courtyard or grassy area enclosed by buildings or a building. Most often used in connection with academic or civic building groupings.
2.Buildings forming a quadrangle.


The rectangle or box glyph used in the APL language for various arcane purposes mostly related to I/O.
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Adding top-notch traders is imperative as we grow Quad Group," said John Guarino, Managing Partner of Quad Group.
Al Mahra said that 164 quad bikes had been registered in Dubai since the introduction of the order.
If the pain is accompanied by tightness or weakness in your quads, they may well be pulled.
In that regard, Quad Venture Partners has acquired Troll Communications LLC (Mahwah, NJ), a publisher and distributor of books and other educational materials primarily targeted to the pre--K--Grade 9 market.
In the single quad market, LC/MS became competitive in terms of pricing, footprint and ease of use.
Poor picture quality and a staggered, jerky motion was the price paid for choosing quad over sequential switching.
David Horowitz has joined as a Managing Director of Quad Group.
Weiss' coach, Audrey Weisiger, said no consideration was given to abandoning the quad.
Hedge funds we accept into Quad Advisors have instant access to capital and benefit from our lower cost and expense structure.
Fear of a mishap on the difficult quad caused the sentimental fan-favorite Eldredge to alter his routine.
Developed by Appsurdity, the company behind the voice filtering and sharing app Dubbler, Quad first launched just 10 weeks ago and is already used at more than 2,500 of the 4,500 colleges in America, providing the easiest way for groups to chat, organize and share information, anytime, anywhere.
New Mexico: Angel Fire north of Santa Fe has the state's first high-speed detachable quad lift, replacing two triple chairs, covering 2,050 feet of vertical rise.