quarter panel

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1. A small timber used as an upright stud in partitions to which the laths are nailed.
2. A square panel.
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Dynamic seam taping merges the knit sleeve and synthetic quarter panel without adding any stitching
I checked my windshield quarter panel but saw nothing.
It has rust all the way down both driver and passenger side sills, on the rear wheel arch, rear door quarter panel and part of the rear door under the rubber seal.
Talamini allegedly spit in the boy's face, grabbed him and threw him up against a parked car, breaking the antenna and denting the quarter panel, before throwing him in the street.
Escorting subjects to the rear quarter panel on the nonroadway side of the patrol car puts distance between suspects and their vehicles.
In addition to appearing on the lower quarter panel of the championship No.
Tenders are invited for For repairing of damaged front portion of the cabin and door, foot rest , quarter panel and co-operator seat and back rest of diesel bowser sl.
The only real action came on the first lap, when Joanides said he felt another car hit his left rear quarter panel in one of the turns.
The company has already received a contract for validation of final trim die parameters for the rear quarter panel for the '09 Ford F-150, a piece that it would not have been able to do on a smaller machine it already had.
The seven-seater comes with updated petrol and diesel engines, plus more than 30 new features, including heated front and middle row seats, a rear-view interior conversation mirror, a removable torch in the rear quarter panel, electric windows in the power-slide second-row doors.
They include heated first and second row seats, a removable torch in the rear quarter panel, electric windows in the power-sliding second-row doors, movable LED reading lamps and automatic three zone climate control.
The front of the motorcycle was severely damaged, and the Pathfinder had a large hole in the rear passenger-side quarter panel.