quarter-cut, radial-cut

Said of veneer which has growth rings at right angles (or nearly at right angles) to the face of the veneer.
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The latest Majesty 135, powered by MTU 12V 4000 M94 engines, has an interior featuring a main interior theme of quarter-cut fiddle back Anigre, decorated with Crema Marfil, Corinthian Beige and White Onyx.
Assays on quarter-cut diamond drill core have been received for a further six holes of the diamond drilling programme.
Most zebrawood is quarter-cut, which is recommended by experts to avoid problems with material buckling due to the grain, which alternates between hard and soft.
Well, if it were me," and I swear, he launched into some kinda armed-gymnastic-modern-ballet routine, barking "I'd quarter-cut the dangled angle of the Fatal Funnel of that door, do a dynamic entry with a half-Immelman tuck-n'-roll, come up in my trademark Modified Weaver-Beaver SnapShot Semi-Squat Stance, triple-tap Terr No.
If a striped, quarter-cut pattern is desired, the pressing is done on a level surface and the block is sliced perpendicular to the gluelines.
The squib comes as a quarter-cut hank, lightly rolled in payapaya, then tossed with oil of olay and calamine, and presented on a bed of chaff beans and snoose noodles.
The mitered construction doors are available in flat-cut oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, walnut or quarter-cut zebra wood, wenge or bamboo.
works well with both machine and hand tools, but has an interlocked grain that can dull cutting surfaces and affect machining, especially planing and moulding quarter-cut material;
The panels composing the interior are made up of 4-foot by 8-foot panels, 1/2-inch fire-resistant particleboard, covered with a quarter-cut vertical grain Douglas fir veneer provided by Bohike Veneers, Inc.
Using quarter-cut veneer patterns along with ash solids has allowed for the development of soft, light finishes and at the same time offered a little texture to the presentation.
Quarter-cut silky oak gives a beautiful silver-grain figure.