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A short time-scale suggests that we need to look for external physical processes that are fast in quenching.
The fluorescence quenching of Cry1Ab toxin was measured for a toxin concentration of 40 ug/mL at pH 7, and the concentrations of metal ions changed from 0.
The heat transfer inside the solid during quenching process could be described by heat equation and corresponding boundary conditions[12], assuming no heat generation during quenching process:
In summary, the dry quenching of coke introduced in 1976 is now used at a number of plants.
There are two cooling conditions including air cooling from exit position to quenching region and water cooling during online quenching of profiles.
After intercritic quenching, samples were tested for universal hardness on a SHIMATZU dynamic ultra-micro hardness tester DUH-211S.
The Nitrofreeze[R] Uphill Quenching Process eliminates the resident residual stresses in the raw cast or forged aluminum block as well those that are created during CNC machining operations," he added.
Coupled with the basketless heat treat system, the PAQ system further reduces the size of the quenching system.
In the coke quenching process, following eight hours in the coke ovens, the material is pushed from the oven and immediately quenched by a cascade of 10 tonnes of water.