quick set

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flash set, grab set, quick set

The rapid development of rigidity in a freshly mixed portland cement paste, mortar, or concrete, usually with the generation of considerable heat; this rigidity cannot be dispelled, nor the plasticity regained by further mixing, without the addition of water.
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The Victor Quick Set was more effective than the more traditional wire-spring snap traps because I was more likely to set it, and reset it, than the older style.
The Tandberg Quick Set C20 is described by Tandberg as "a complete visual communication package" that includes a Tandberg Codec C20 (whatever that is), a high-resolution 1080p30 camera with 4x zoom, a remote control and a microphone.
The Tandberg Quick Set C20, which, according to a report, provides absolute quality in a compact, scalable, affordable plug-and-play solution, is expected to give small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) a competitive edge.
Tenders are invited for Qty 500 ton - LMCQS1H, Latex Modified Cationic Quick Set, Slurry Oil; Qty 500 ton - PMCQS1H Polymer Modified Cationic Quick Set, Slurry Oil.
When required to cut lengths of trim seal and manually bond gaskets using quick set adhesives, the opportunity for miscalculation and human error is said to be presented, which can result in wasted time and product.
Standard features include: heavy-duty variable speed track; quick set up gauge block; inverter-controlled motors; digital readouts, and pivoting control panel.
If the corner sees the QB take a quick set and the receiver get vertical to his outside, he will immediately go into man coverage.
8% and conforming to IS: 15622, of approved brand & manufacturer, in all colours and shade, in skirting, riser of steps, laid with cement based high polymer modified quick set tile adhesive (water based) conforming to IS:15477, in average 6 mm thickness, including grouting of joints with white cement & matching pigments etc.