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see calcium oxidecalcium oxide,
chemical compound, CaO, a colorless, cubic crystalline or white amorphous substance. It is also called lime, quicklime, or caustic lime, but commercial lime often contains impurities, e.g., silica, iron, alumina, and magnesia.
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(inorganic chemistry)


A white or grayish-white caustic substance, calcium oxide, usually obtained by heating limestone or marble at a high temperature; used chiefly in plasters, mortars, and cements. In the past, in many areas along the seacoast where limestone was scarce, seashells were heated to obtain lime. See also hydrated lime, hydraulic lime, mortar, shell lime, slaked lime.
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Smaller blocks and cylinders of limestone would make for a more efficient production process by decreasing the firing time required to produce the quicklime.
Overall market value for lime - Overall market volume for lime - Market value and volume for lime by product type (hydraulic lime, quicklime, slaked lime) - Product prices - Forecasts and future outlook for the market - Country overview, macroeconomic indicators and indicators for doing business
Built in 1835 by the Stanhope and Tyne Railway, the kilns produced quicklime for the construction industry and agriculture.
This went disgustingly smelly and was taken by "funeral procession" through the village to a quiet spot in the woods, where it was buried in quicklime.
Attackers used it to make life as uncomfortable as possible for those under siege by hurling any manner of projectiles, including dead animals (to spread disease), prisoners, bees' nests, quicklime and manure.
Gardening and DIY material including creosote, quicklime, paint and paintthinners
It involves highly caustic quicklime powder and a 12 bore shotgun.
It is then that exile weighs on me and I sense the unreachable loneliness of all thins lost against what remains till anticipated death in every hours, in every day of absence which I fill with business and with other beings whose alien condition pushes me toward the definitive quicklime of a dream that gnaws away at its own clothing formed of a crust of many matters exiled by time and the fogs of forgetting.
They show that British prison authorities treated the nationalist hero's body with contempt by dumping it naked, without a coffin into a grave of quicklime.
Civil servants face similar problems over at least three of the 15 other killers hanged at Crumlin Road and buried in makeshift coffins filled with quicklime.
html) involves dumping lots of quicklime A -- a material produced when you heat limestone up to a very high temperature -- which makes the oceans more alkaline (the opposite of acidic).
The tanker fire blaze is believed to have involved calcium oxide, also known as quicklime.