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, coign, coigne
1. an external corner of a wall
2. a stone forming the external corner of a wall
3. another name for keystone


One of a series of stones or bricks used to mark or visually reinforce the exterior corners of a building; often through a contrast of size, shape, color or material, which may be imitated in non-load-bearing materials.

rustic quoin

A stone quoin, projecting out from the main surface of the wall with rough, split faces and chamfered edges, to give the appearance of rugged strength.


(building construction)
One of the members forming an outside corner or exterior angle of a building, and differentiated from the wall by color, texture, size, or projection.
(graphic arts)
An expandable device used to secure type and printing plates in a chase.

coin, quoin

1.The corner of a building.
2. The stones or bricks which form the corner.
3. A wedge.

quoin, coign, coin

stone quoins set in brickwork
In masonry, a hard stone or brick used, with similar ones, to reinforce an external corner or edge of a wall or the like; often distinguished decoratively from adjacent masonry; may be imitated in non-load-bearing materials. Occasionally imitated, for decorative purposes, by wood that has been finished to look like masonry.
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