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A groove cut into a part.
A strip applied to a part as, for example, a stop or seal.
A joint formed by fitting one member into a groove, channel, or recess in the face or edge of a second member.


A long groove or channel that is cut into the edge or face of a board to receive another board that is fitted into the groove at a right angle to it.

rabbet, rebate

rabbet, 1
1. A longitudinal channel, groove, or recess cut out of the edge or face of a member; esp. one to receive another member, or one to receive a frame inserted in a door or window opening, or the recess into which glass is installed in a window sash.
3. A shallow recess in one body to receive another, as at the edges of a pair of doors or windows so shaped as to provide a tight fit; one half of the edge projects beyond, and serves as a stop for, the other edge of each leaf.
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To make a mirror frame, you'll need a table saw, circular saw, or router to cut a rabbet (notch) in the edge of the 2-by-4.
Cut a 5/8-by 5/8-inch rabbet along one edge of the 2-by-4.
Using a CNC router, all vertical operations, including sizing, rabbets, dadoes, grooves, bores, edge profiles, pockets etc.
Throughout the past one thousand years of woodworking, joinery methods have functioned as a common thread, from mortise and tenon to dovetails, rabbets and tongue and groove.
But when it comes to joinery, several of the most popular methods, including mortise and tenon, rabbet joints and dovetailing, have come to us straight out of history.
The routers do much of the milling of panels, primarily particleboard from Willamette Industries, including routing, drilling holes, joinery, rabbets, dadoes, etc.
Cut and groove patterns can be set up electronically to do drawer parts or other parts requiring dadoes or rabbets.
For the hardboard base, cut a 1/8- by 3/8-inch rabbet in one edge of the side board.