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It also reduces radial shrinkage, enabling cycle-time reductions in extrusion blow molding and injection molding of some parts.
Significant differences in BD and radial shrinkage were also observed in the five trees of terap and of medang.
The molar ratios between the precursors (MR/FA, MR/Cat, W/MR or H/FA, H/Cat, methanol/H) were optimized, taking into account the final density, the preparation time and the radial shrinkage during drying.
Before and after the drying, the bulk gels were measured and their radial shrinkage and density were calculated.
This can be further explained by the significantly increased shrinkages (tangential shrinkage for the loaded LR specimen and radial shrinkage for the loaded LT specimen) in the loading direction (Figs.
The mean radial shrinkage from green to ovendry moisture content was 3.
The above characteristics of tangential shrinkage stresses are clearly different from the radial shrinkage stresses, which tend to decrease with increasing RHs (Cheng et al.
In addition, a negative correlation was observed between tangential and radial shrinkage (p = 0.
Average radial shrinkage is comparable to eastern cottonwood, which is 3.
Volume and radial shrinkage are good indicators of the presence of wetwood.
Therefore, warp of lumber during drying can be reduced by decreasing tangential shrinkage and increasing radial shrinkage or by decreasing in both transverse shrinkages in comparison to their normal values.