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Jotron UK's gift included safety items such as new waterproof VHF emergency radios and a search and rescue radio transponder.
The idea is that a radio transponder embedded in luggage tags will communicate with airport personnel via antennas placed in baggage areas.
I know this sounds fancy, but it was a weather balloon--you know one you blow up with helium on the ground--and then they tied a radio transponder package to it.
The microchip helps identify animals by acting as a miniature radio transponder with a unique code.
RFID Chain tags provide an electronic interface via an internal radio transponder to computer driven inspection systems and asset tracking programs.
In the 1940s and 50s, Motorola applied advances in radio technology to introduce its first pager, its first car radiotelephone and radio transponders, including the radio transponder used by Astronaut Neil Armstrong to speak his famous first words from the moon in 1969.
The bill would also encourage manufacturers to use ``smart gun'' technology, in which a weapon only fires for someone carrying or wearing a tiny radio transponder matched to the gun.
The cylinder contains a miniature radio transponder carrying an identification number.
use Speedpass, a miniature radio transponder attached to customer key chains or affixed to their vehicles' rear window which automatically charges fuel purchases to a designated credit or check card.
AT/Comm developed the first two-way radio transponder in electronic toll collection which uses "read-write" communication.
As they approach a toll-collection area, drivers merely insert their personal smart card into a small radio transponder on their dashboards.
The study took place between 2006 and 2008, with birds being fitted with tiny radio transponders that were detected each time an individual visited the nest in order to feed the chicks.