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raggle, reglet, raglin

1. A manufactured unit, often of terra-cotta, having a groove to receive flashing; also called a raggle block or flashing block.
2. A groove cut in stone or brickwork to receive flashing.
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O'Connor PJ, Raglin JS, Martinsen EW, 2000, Physical activity, anxiety and anxiety disorders.
Controlar variables de caracter psicologico presenta ventajas de sensibilidad y accesibilidad, permite obtener datos de manera inmediata y no invasiva, tiene, segun diversos autores, una consistencia igual a variables de caracter fisiologico (O'Connor, Morgan, Raglin, Barksdale & Kalin, 1989; Bonete, Moya & Suay, 2009; Suay, Ricarte & Salvador, 1998).
According to board member Bill Raglin, sometimes "a low bid is a no bid".
However, studies by McAuley and Blissmer (2000) and Raglin (2001) imply that such extrinsic rewards are more significant in exercise adoption than in adherence.
The findings support research by Raglin (2001) and Beverly and Wray (2010).
Jack Raglin contended that self-awareness as both a disposition and a skill can be developed in athletes, and emotions can be used to help performance.
Jonny Raglin has little trouble selling after-dinner drinks.
These same positive benefits apply to children," notes psychologist Jack Raglin of Indiana University, Bloomington.
LIVERPOOL-based care services provider Raglin Care has been snapped up by a north west rival in a multi-million pound deal.
Acute exercise has also demonstrated an improvement in affective behavior (Hale 2002, Bahrke & Morgan 1978, Raglin & Morgan 1987).
The author also heartily thanks the following people who have been very helpful in the project: Gary Gillette, Bob McConnell, Mark Pattison, Dave Raglin, Rick Schabowski, and Mario Ziino.