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see AnnelidaAnnelida
[Lat., anellus=a ring], phylum of soft-bodied, bilaterally symmetrical (see symmetry, biological), segmented animals, known as the segmented, or annelid, worms.
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; wormworm,
common name for various unrelated invertebrate animals with soft, often long and slender bodies. Members of the phylum Platyhelminthes, or the flatworms, are the most primitive; they are generally small and flat-bodied and include the free-living planarians (of the class
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03m for what was originally intended to be a ragworm farm with 270 ponds employing 70 people.
Jimmy Wolford, Safe-Cut's vice president of operations, said his company's business has been booming since it first started offering mobile waterjet cutting with the RAGWORM system in 2007.
Alec won with 49 wrasse, taken on Sea Bait ragworm, four garfish, and mackerel, amassing 460pts.
A COCKTAIL of crab and ragworm cast out at Dock Beach tempted the 5lb 7oz bass that gave Mike Good first place in the Penarth SAC competition.
Fishing was over three hours of the flooding tide and an hour of the ebb, but the action came in the middle 90 minutes for Heather, who landed six flounders on a combination of ragworm, crab and mackerel baits, for a 4lb 11oz total.
Dave, 57, from Blandford in Dorset, then thought he had hooked a monster plaice on ragworm and ammo squid strip bait - but it turned out to be a 18lb 4oz Starry Smoothhound.
Amble harbour has produced some good flounders this week on ragworm.
Pleasure anglers have taken occasional school bass of around 1lb from Saltburn Beach, the fish taking ragworm and lugworm.
HAND OF COD Adrian Lloyd, of Fleur-de-Lys, with his lifetime-best cod of 32lb, which took a bait of ragworm and squid at Lavernock Beach, Penarth.
RESIDENTS have vowed to fight proposals for a ragworm farm on Ministry of Defence land at a historic seaside village.
The catch was made up mainly on whiting and was taken on ragworm with mackerel or bluey strip.
5oz flatfish caught on ragworm in the harbour from Cowbar jetty, was enough for him to come out on top in the St Mary's rover.