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a self-propelled rail vehicle with an internal combustion engine used to make inspection trips and to transport personnel, materials, machines, and instruments during track repair and repair of other railroad installations.

Railcars are divided, according to their function, into passenger and freight railcars and, according to weight, into dismountable (up to 300 kg) and nondismountable (up to 50 tons). Railcars may be equipped with revolving cranes, installation derricks, and measuring instruments. One or two flat cars or ordinary railroad cars may be attached to a rail-car. In the USSR dismountable railcars have engines rated at 7–18 kW (about 10–25 horsepower) and transport four to six people and about 50 kg of freight; nondismountable rail-cars have 75–185 kW (about 100–250 horsepower) and transport 20–30 people or 5–6 tons of freight.


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