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(building construction)
A vertical pipe that leads water from a roof drain or gutter down to the ground or a cistern. Also known as downcomer; leader.


A vertical pipe that carries water from the roof gutters to the ground or cistern.

downspout, conductor, downcomer, downpipe, leader, rain leader, rainwater pipe

A vertical pipe, often of sheet metal,
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The Biondi-Russel band was created specifically for this Rainspout performance by musicians Paul Biondi and Gus Russel.
Rubin said Rainspout attracts a wide demographic, with some people who come to see one specific band and others who might just be looking for some unique entertainment.
Music will reign over the coastal village of Yachats when the Rainspout Music Festival debuts this weekend.
Sometimes the houses were close enough together that be could leap from roof to roof, and sometimes he slid down rainspouts like fire-poles and then swung off them into the branches of a nearby tree that bridged the way to another house.
Gargoyles serve as fabulously entertaining rainspouts and are therefore artistic necessities, which leads to a great discussion about the fact that these otherworldly, mythological or grotesque creatures served a valuable purpose
He had to shoot out of the rainspouts and that limited his targets.
Two rainspouts also survive on this north side, sporting dog-like faces with their ears sticking out and their spout-mouths open.
The woman's black yak-felt hat had ingenious projections that acted as rainspouts.