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(building construction)
A vertical pipe that leads water from a roof drain or gutter down to the ground or a cistern. Also known as downcomer; leader.


A vertical pipe that carries water from the roof gutters to the ground or cistern.

downspout, conductor, downcomer, downpipe, leader, rain leader, rainwater pipe

A vertical pipe, often of sheet metal,
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I watch the common house sparrows who keep a nest above a rainspout.
Sometimes the houses were close enough together that be could leap from roof to roof, and sometimes he slid down rainspouts like fire-poles and then swung off them into the branches of a nearby tree that bridged the way to another house.
Gargoyles serve as fabulously entertaining rainspouts and are therefore artistic necessities, which leads to a great discussion about the fact that these otherworldly, mythological or grotesque creatures served a valuable purpose