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river, 115 mi (185 km) long, rising in S Mich. and flowing E to Lake Erie at Monroe, Mich. After Detroit's surrender in the War of 1812, U.S. troops under Gen. James Winchester, sent to retake Frenchtown (the present Monroe), were crushed there by the British and their Native American allies. The Native Americans, after promising protection, attacked and killed (Jan. 22, 1813) the remaining Americans, and "Remember the River Raisin" became the American rallying cry to the war's end.


dried fruit of certain varieties of grapevines bearing grapesgrape,
common name for the Vitaceae, a family of mostly climbing shrubs, widespread in tropical and subtropical regions and extending into the temperate zones. The woody vines, or lianas, climb by means of tendrils, which botanically are adaptations of terminal buds.
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 with a high content of sugar and solid flesh. Although the fruit is sometimes artificially dehydrated, it is usually sun-dried. The culture of grapes for the production of raisins is limited to regions with a long, hot growing season because the grape must remain on the vine until fully mature in order to attain a high percentage of sugar and because enough time must elapse between harvesting and fall rains to permit sun-drying. Raisins are produced from grapes of the European type (Vitis vinifera). Most seedless raisins, especially in California, are produced from the Sultanina, or Thompson, variety of seedless grape, known in international trade as the Sultana. A different variety, produced in California, is known there as the Sultana. The Muscat, a very ancient variety, is noted for its flavor and meatiness, but it has seeds and is somewhat sticky; it is commonly marketed in clusters for table use. Raisins of sharp flavor and firm texture are often called currants (although unrelated to the true currant) and are preferred for certain bakery products. Grapes have been dried for out-of-season consumption from ancient times and were important in early Mediterranean trade. Spain, Asia Minor, and Greece were long the centers of cultivation, but in the 20th cent. Australia is an important producer and California is the leading producer. Raisin production was introduced in California by Spanish missionaries in the late 18th cent. and began to assume importance after 1875. Today most seed grapes are seeded, and many grapes are bleached and dipped in oil to improve their appearance. About 3 1-2 lb (1.6 kg) of grapes yield 1 lb (.45 kg) of raisins. Raisins are valuable nutritionally because of their sugar, mineral (especially iron), and vitamin (B and A) content.
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Angela Mount recommends: 'Sf Navigators Vintage Character Port is the perfect match for stilton, with the smooth, raisiny, sweet black fruit flavours bringing out the natural sweetness and strong flavours of the stilton cheese.
This fabulous, grapey, raisiny, baked-apple treat, has just enough acidity to be refreshing and is stunning with cheese.
Raisiny The raisin like smell produced by making wines from grapes that have been partially dehydrated, often found in Zinfandels.
It enhances the raisiny sweetness of plum duff and brings out the orange peel and lemon zest of mince pies.
To me it was significant because it made an interesting wine with a different character to it--jammy, pruney, you could say raisiny, but very attractive.
Raisiny The raisin-like smell produced by making wines from grapes that have been partially dehydrated, often found in Zinfandels.
More upmarket is the Ramos Pinto LBV 1997 (cpounds 14, Selfridges and Upton upon Severn Wines), which is rich and raisiny.
The heat spell from early September to mid-September was so intense and long that irrigation did not help the fruit on the young vines, resulting in cooked fruit and raisiny character.
Comments: Rich, raisiny bouquet, smooth and sweet, slightly spicy dessert wine.
Its rich, raisiny flavor not only sweetens, but adds a deep richness and mouth-coating body.
It's very classy Tempranillo, with intense raisiny fruit, balanced by lovely fresh acidity and silky, lingering tannins and tight, spicy oak.