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Music becoming slower



in musical notation, a term designating a smooth, gradual slowing of tempo. It is synonymous with ritardando and close in meaning to ritenuto.

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30-31, el [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] de la antistrofa ([TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]) senala una fuerte cesura y un viraje imprevisto, un enfatico rallentando que presenta en un lugar muy destacado la primera manifestacion de la voluntad humana frente a la divina.
One can make an exception for places where a number of bars should go increasingly slower; usually the composer has marked such places with rallentando, or in the opposite case, with accelerando poco a poco.
edited without Faure's control, makes a cynical atrocity of this, heading the song Allegretto vezzoso [= simpering] and adding mawkish rallentandos at every opportunity.
Once again, it is also important to note that, like the jo-ha-kyu progression shown for individual lines, the internal accelerando within every shodan is not a simple straight-line phenomenon, but rather one that, as the example shows, builds through each group of text lines in rising and falling tempo waves; each shodan reaches a new tempo and dramatic highpoint before a substantial rallentando signals its close.
The demisemiquavers in the galliard and the coranto, being on the final cadence, can be ignored because of the expected rallentando there.
Her spirited recording includes very generous use of both portamento and rallentando, plus the flamboyant jump of a fourth on the word "free," which in her case took her to a ringing high B.
And I think it equally improbable that every internal cadence was approached with a more or less broad rallentando.
In "The Heavenly Banquet," the final "through all eternity" is arguably better without any glottal break, in spite of the rallentando and crescendo, if only for the inference of slight insobriety that results.
This rhythmic subtlety is often used to achieve effects of accelerando and rallentando which again relate to the senza battuta effects of speech-song.
I'm never far from actually beating measures when I write them, because if they contain some quirk of tempo - some nuance of ritenuto or rallentando or fermatas, or heaven knows what - in order to be sure that they are the way I want them, I have to beat time.
It is the "sound of a different maleness, which passes as heterosexual but also displays itself, falls prey to rallentando, doubt, vacillation .
This practice surely implies not only that the music moves on without rallentando or pause but also that there must be a relationship between the tempos of the two movements.