Ramjet Engine

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, ramjet engine
a. a type of jet engine in which fuel is burned in a duct using air compressed by the forward speed of the aircraft
b. an aircraft powered by such an engine

Ramjet Engine


an air-breathing jet engine in which air entering the engine’s combustion chamber is compressed during flight by the action of the ram effect.

ramjet engine

[′ram‚jet ‚en·jən]
(aerospace engineering)
A type of jet engine with no mechanical compressor, consisting of a specially shaped tube or duct open at both ends, the air necessary for combustion being shoved into the duct and compressed by the forward motion of the engine; the air passes through a diffuser and is mixed with fuel and burned, the exhaust gases issuing in a jet from the rear opening.
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Initial testing of the MARC-R-282 ramjet engine has been completed to define the ramcombustor geometry, the solid fuel formulation, the fuel valve and injector design, and to verify assumed levels of engine performance.
Successful demonstration of the dual-mode ramjet engine integrated with a variable geometry inlet and exhaust nozzle sets the stage for future turbine-based, combined-cycle propulsion and flight demonstration opportunities," said Cal DeFreese, program manager, Falcon Combined-Cycle Engine Technology (FaCET), Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne.
Aerojet will produce 19 MARC R282 ramjet engines under this contract over the next 18 months.
The successful flight was the third in a series intended to validate the operation of the ramjet engine and target vehicle.
The Vesta (see title picture) programme is aimed at studying new ramjet engines to power the Asmpa--a further development that will be introduced on the Rafale in 2008.
Conceived in 1946 and scarcely more than a frame with a rotor and tail, the XH-20 was powered by two ramjet engines that, like the aircraft, were developed by James S.
Such heating would destroy turbine or ramjet engines constructed of any known material.
Scramjets are ramjet engines in which the air flowing through the engine remains supersonic, hence the name, which stands for ``supersonic combustion ramjet.
The company's concept calls for its space plane to take off horizontally, using a mix of air and liquid hydrogen to power the ramjet engines.
The space plane would take off horizontally, using a mix of air and liquid hydrogen to power the ramjet engines.
Marquardt founds the company, specializing in ramjet engines.
During the four-year program, Boeing will test fly eleven air vehicles, eight of which will be powered by dual- combustion ramjet engines and will fly at speeds of up to Mach 6.