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large farm devoted chiefly to raising and breeding cattle, horses, sheep, and goats. The cattle ranch was introduced from Latin America to Texas and the plains of the W United States and Canada. The first ranchers owned cattle, ponies, and camp equipment but no land, grazing their stock on the free public rangerange,
large area of land unsuited to cultivation but supporting native grasses and other plants suitable for livestock grazing. Principal areas in the western hemisphere are the pampas of South America and the prairies of the United States and Canada.
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. When the fencing of land became compulsory, most ranges were broken up into smaller ranches. Cattle and sheep are often shipped from ranches to feed lots in the corn belt for fattening. The term ranch is applied in the W United States also to grain and fruit farms. The dude ranch offers horseback riding and other typically Western outdoor activities for the entertainment of paying guests. Some dude ranches are also "working" ranches, but most are devoted solely to vacationers.
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The board defended its decision as a necessary move to alleviate overcrowding at West Ranch High School with minimal cost to the district.
Prior to acquiring the Saguaro Ranch property in June 2000, Phinny was a partner in Gray Head, a Telluride, Colorado-based real estate development firm he founded with two other partners in 1996.
Bell wrote that state officials could not, without violating the state law, continue to provide public financing to Teen Ranch, a pervasively sectarian facility.
Most ranch owners run cattle on their property, and thus can pay a lower tax rate reserved for agricultural land.
The trust's participation in the ranch operations entailed an assessment of the activities of those who labored on the ranch, or otherwise conducted ranch business on the trust's behalf.
Common sense dictates that Q's participation in the ranch operations should be scrutinized by reference to the trust itself, which necessarily entails an assessment of the activities of those who labor on the ranch, or otherwise in the ranch business, on Q's behalf.
I can't remember the last time we took a vacation," says 26-year-old Sharon Fenton, the youngest of the 10-member family and one of the next generation of caretakers for the ranch.
A specialized software architecture running on top of the Solaris operating environment manages engineers' requests for Ranch services.
For a generation, the Taylor Ranch has been embroiled in what The New York Times calls "the hottest environmental dispute in the Rockies.
However, the preliminary study involved only 150 Ranch Handers and 50 matched controls.
Ochoco Ranch is exclusively listed through Mason & Morse Ranch Company, one of the leading ranch brokerage firms in the western United States and a division of Mason & Morse Real Estate.