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large farm devoted chiefly to raising and breeding cattle, horses, sheep, and goats. The cattle ranch was introduced from Latin America to Texas and the plains of the W United States and Canada. The first ranchers owned cattle, ponies, and camp equipment but no land, grazing their stock on the free public rangerange,
large area of land unsuited to cultivation but supporting native grasses and other plants suitable for livestock grazing. Principal areas in the western hemisphere are the pampas of South America and the prairies of the United States and Canada.
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. When the fencing of land became compulsory, most ranges were broken up into smaller ranches. Cattle and sheep are often shipped from ranches to feed lots in the corn belt for fattening. The term ranch is applied in the W United States also to grain and fruit farms. The dude ranch offers horseback riding and other typically Western outdoor activities for the entertainment of paying guests. Some dude ranches are also "working" ranches, but most are devoted solely to vacationers.
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We got to San Francisco a week ago, and Uncle Henry went right on to Hugson's Ranch for a visit while I stayed a few days in the city with some friends we had met.
But he was dead now, nor did the ranch descend to his children.
I was to go to Uncle Will--that was my mother's wish; but there had been fighting up in the Ventura Mountains where his ranch was, and men had been killed.
In 2009, Castaic-area freshmen will attend West Ranch High School.
It was easy for Kennedy Funding to accept his Saguaro Ranch sales and cost projections.
Teen Ranch, represented by the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), sued the state arguing that its decision to stop providing grants was unconstitutional.
The views from Leuschen's Switchback Ranch, straddling the Beartooth and Absaroka Mountains, are nearly as stunning as the panorama from his New York office on Fifth Avenue, high above Central Park.
The Carter Trust claimed deductions for losses it incurred in connection with the ranch operations for 1994 and 1995 of $856,518 and $796,687, respectively.
Q claimed deductions in 1994 and 1995 for losses of $856,518 and $796,687, respectively, incurred in connection with the ranch operations.
Instead of galloping off on horses to monitor the ranch, as their predecessors did, rural hands at Monte Dinero tend the ranch on off-road motorcycles.
The Ranch is also an outstanding example of a Sun-on-Sun solution that can be applied to a broad spectrum of customers engaged in compute intensive engineering and research work.