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the standard monetary unit of the Republic of South Africa, divided into 100 cents


a. a strip or margin; border
b. a strip of cloth; selvage


the. short for Witwatersrand

rand (Brit.)

A border, or a fillet cut from a border in the process of straightening it.
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If reason is serious about becoming a venue for attacks on Ayn Rand, why not hit her where it hurts?
When pressed further on details about his future, Rand laughs, saying it's a question he's been hearing a lot.
It is a company that fits my skill set, which is managing companies of scale and international businesses, [using] my management skills," explains Rand.
Politically, Rand wanted to provide liberal capitalism with a moral foundation, to take on the prevalent notion that communism was a noble if unworkable idea while the free market was a necessary evil best suited to flawed human nature.
Though the collection includes only two essays by Rand - contrary to the author credit (and one, ``An Answer for Businessmen,'' is very short) - only a book based on Rand's ideas could promote profit on principle, include an essay titled ``Why Businessmen Should Be Honest'' and advocate the morality of self-interest.
suggests a thorough, feverish immersion in both the history of American comic books and the philosophy of Ayn Rand.
But Rand - who died at age 77 in 1982 - has played to mixed reviews in Hollywood.
He explores her connections to Lane and Rand, shining welcome light on an unfairly dark corner of 20th-century American intellectual history.