random work

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random work, broken ashlar, random range ashlar, random range work

random work
1. Random stonework.
2. Masonry of rectangular stone not laid in regular courses, but broken up by the use of stones of different heights and widths, fitted closely.
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If an agreement between attendants and United is not reached, however, CHAOS could culminate in intermittent strikes and other random work actions that would create havoc around the entire United Airlines system, threatening to strike anywhere, anytime and without notice.
NexentaStor customers typically experience 75 percent or greater cost savings versus proprietary solutions as well as increased efficiency through compression, thin provisioning, deduplication and industry leading usage of hybrid storage pools that leverage SSDs plus disks to provide unmatched price/performance especially of the random work loads of virtualized and cloud environments.
Work that can not be quantified from slips, price series and specifications prior,: - Work breakdown current, the S1000 quantifiable, made outside normal working hours,: - Random work (occasional operations of consolidation): - Work resulting from weather exceptional: - The programming delays (latency compensation for contracts TG or maintenance attributable to the company)
Jay Buggs formalizes the coincidental and emphasizes the conscious process of composition that is behind the seemingly random works.
I loaded these pieces first into my downdraft salt kiln, followed by random works that had lingered around the studio.
The movement was invented by Canadian actor Misha Collins, and involves people from 94 countries, joining forces to create teams and create random works of art.
Such random works include the five golden bulls by artist Valay Shinde, which takes up most of the space of the Mumbai-based Sakshi Art Gallery, as well as a painting by artist Prajakta Palav that shows the Hindu deity Ganesh in a local train brought by the London-based Grosvenor Vadhera Gallery.