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And what can physicians conjecture from feeling the pulse unless they know that according as the blood changes its nature it can be rarefied by the warmth of the heart, in a higher or lower degree, and more or less quickly than before?
Is he not the celebrated author of The Dynamics of an Asteroid, a book which ascends to such rarefied heights of pure mathematics that it is said that there was no man in the scientific press capable of criticizing it?
If Mr Quilp spoke figuratively, and meant to imply that the air breathed by Miss Sally Brass was sweetened and rarefied by that dainty creature, he had doubtless good reason for what he said.
Also, the high standard held up to the public mind by the College of which which gave its peculiar sanction to the expensive and highly rarefied medical instruction obtained by graduates of Oxford and Cambridge, did not hinder quackery from having an excellent time of it; for since professional practice chiefly consisted in giving a great many drugs, the public inferred that it might be better off with more drugs still, if they could only be got cheaply, and hence swallowed large cubic measures of physic prescribed by unscrupulous ignorance which had taken no degrees.
At more than $300 for a premium multi-course meal, it's aiming to fill the rarefied niche of Beverly Hills sushi temple Urusawa, which closed recently.
Paul Getty Trust can do, Marie-Antoinette takes us on location to experience the queen's rarefied world: her living quarters, gardens, carriages, furniture, gowns, tableware, childhood toys, and, yes, even the humble cotton chemise she was wearing when she lost her head.
JOSH Lewsey believes that "mental edge" is a key requirement for teams to thrive in the rarefied atmosphere of a Rugby World Cup campaign.
When Ladera's new Suites at Paradise Ridge opened this spring, they elevated the resort's open-air concept to new heights, offering more space, a greater sense of privacy and a rarefied level of personalized Butler Service.
But then I am mixing in a rarefied metrosexual elite" - Broadcaster Evan Davis on the success of "sophisticated" American TV programmes.
But then I am mixing in a rarefied metrosexual elite" Broadcaster Evan Davis on the success of "sophisticated" American TV programmes "Some people take days, weeks even, getting inside a character, getting under his skin, working out how he thinks, what makes him tick.
com, said: "For Dark Knight to still be in the rarefied air of the top three openings of all time is phenomenal, given the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the film's release.
From the rarefied heights of Everest with Camelot to the murky depths of the Mariana Trench with Maybe, it was torture.