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Contract notice: Purchase of the raster scanning magnets for the ESS project.
A mobile robot platform with a measurement module on the top (see Figure 2, left) navigates to each one of the inspection points and performs a thermographic-visual-depth measurement and takes a sequence of readings of gas concentration levels using a Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TLDAS)-based sensor along a raster scanning path (see Figure 2, right).
The examples of the scales made by raster scanning technology are developed in the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy.
LCS delivers 3D tracking capabilities with its flexible two-axis steering that provides standard raster scanning for imaging, and custom scan patterns for tracking targets and features.
Such pictures are made by raster scanning the metal detector head over a target area and plotting the resultant metal detector signal as a function of the head position.
With file use of a Raster Scanning x-ray tube as the source, the system is designed so that the object is placed close to the source and the detectors (64 photomultipliers) are placed far away.
Raster scanning involves the deflection of the electron beam over the entire usable surface of the phosphor-coated CRT screen in a series of regularly spaced lines known as scan lines (Figure 1).
The antenna array can be used in a full raster scanning sequentially switching mode or individual selection of a single element can be used as the primary transmitting and receiving antenna.
Hudson's scanner's sweep times are measured in nanoseconds, not milliseconds, and it is capable of vector scanning techniques, as opposed to raster scanning, a capability that is unique to all exiting mechanical scanners.
This speed will allow precise high-speed scanning in two dimensions and will provide omni-directional reading of 1D and stacked bar-codes, as well as 2D raster scanning for matrix codes.
This technique, called raster scanning, is commonly found in televisions and computer monitors that employ scanned electron beams, but according to the company, it is not the most efficient way to draw an image with a system that employs mechanical scanners.