ratchet screwdriver

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spiral ratchet screwdriver

A screwdriver having a blade that rotates with respect to the handle, as the handle is pushed inward toward the blade; permits a screw to be driven easily and with speed.
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It was fastened by a plastic tie, presumably as an anti-theft measure to deter the sort of person who goes into hardware shops to steal a single screwdriver head for a ratchet screwdriver handle, and the tie wouldn''t budge.
In addition to the sale of the company's safety glasses both as the NEBO(R) branded Rhino Kits(TM) and branded with the CRAFTSMAN(R) name in SEARS(R) stores, the company shipped SEARS(R) an initial order of approximately $50,000 of its core product, the 13-in-1 reversible ratchet screwdriver, long a best-selling product for the company.
Bosch's 100-piece boxed set includes high-speed steel bits, nut drivers, a countersink, 30 screwdriver bits, a ratchet screwdriver, spirit level and loads of other bits and pieces.
The Stanley toolkit consists of numerous DIY utensils including chisels, a 16oz hammer, 12in saw and ratchet screwdriver to name a few - all neatly packaged in a compact toolbox that should last a lifetime.
95 - This attractive, durable pink tool kit comes with pliers, utility knife, multi-bit ratchet screwdriver, 16-foot tape measure, torpedo level, 13oz hammer, hacksaw, latex gloves and safety glasses in a wide mouth bag.