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[WPI] 1. To persist in discussing a specific subject.

2. To speak authoritatively on a subject about which one knows very little.

3. To complain to a person who is not in a position to correct the difficulty.

4. To purposely annoy another person verbally.

5. To evangelise. See flame.

6. Also used to describe a less negative form of blather, such as friendly bullshitting. "Rave" differs slightly from flame in that "rave" implies that it is the persistence or obliviousness of the person speaking that is annoying, while flame implies somewhat more strongly that the tone or content is offensive as well.
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Hazard rave about Lake Geneva," Saxon recalled; "but I wonder if it is more beautiful than this.
Very young girls and very old women would rave about you.
They took him to the anvil: but even then he could he heard above the clinking of the smiths' hammers, and the hoarse raging of the crowd, crying that he knew of Hugh's birth--that his father was living, and was a gentleman of influence and rank--that he had family secrets in his possession--that he could tell nothing unless they gave him time, but must die with them on his mind; and he continued to rave in this sort until his voice failed him, and he sank down a mere heap of clothes between the two attendants.
said Stephen, rising too and grasping her arm, "you rave.
Tran brings more than 12 years of IT industry experience to her new role at RAVE.
8220;Rave has demonstrated an expertise in configuring and building high performance hardware solutions,” says Rick Darter, president and CEO of Rave Computer.
So anyone hearing about a rave party instantly imagines boys and girls sniffing some kind of powder.
Rave has designed, integrated, and supported high performance workstations for over 20 years," said Rick Darter, CEO and president, Rave Computer.
Rave have implemented a direct SMS bind to the T-Mobile USA network which it said will improve reliability and message delivery performance for subscribers to the Rave Alert network.
Rave, along with partner Sprint, has just signed another client, Georgia Gwinnett College.
In recent years, the Ecstasy market has expanded beyond the rave scene, and more sophisticated and dangerous drug organizations have begun to elbow in on what had been mostly a friend-to-friend, white suburban trade.
A provision of the new law was originally introduced as the RAVE Act - or Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act - that was aimed at ``club drugs'' like Ecstasy.