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[WPI] 1. To persist in discussing a specific subject.

2. To speak authoritatively on a subject about which one knows very little.

3. To complain to a person who is not in a position to correct the difficulty.

4. To purposely annoy another person verbally.

5. To evangelise. See flame.

6. Also used to describe a less negative form of blather, such as friendly bullshitting. "Rave" differs slightly from flame in that "rave" implies that it is the persistence or obliviousness of the person speaking that is annoying, while flame implies somewhat more strongly that the tone or content is offensive as well.
References in classic literature ?
For in case of unpleasant suspicions, or even knowledge gathered from the raving of Raffles, Bulstrode would have felt that he had a defence in Lydgate's mind by having conferred a momentous benefit on him.
Bulstrode went away now without anxiety as to what Raffles might say in his raving, which had taken on a muttering incoherence not likely to create any dangerous belief.
Then he got drunk and when his father came raving into town to find him, they met and fought with their fists on Main Street and were ar- rested and put into jail together.
For the most part the young giant's ravings were inarticulate, but now and then Virginia heard her name linked with words of reverence and worship.
It is true that I heard the dying Indian's words; but if those words were pronounced to be the ravings of delirium, how could I contradict the assertion from my own knowledge?
Or are they the inflammatory ravings of incendiaries or distempered enthusiasts?
To escape as far as possible from the mad ravings of the fever-stricken Russian, Jane Porter had descended from the shelter to the foot of the tree--she dared not venture farther.
I lay for two months on the point of death; my ravings, as I afterwards heard, were frightful; I called myself the murderer of William, of Justine, and of Clerval.
It is true, he seldom came to see me, for although he ardently desired to relieve the sufferings of every human creature, he did not wish to be present at the agonies and miserable ravings of a murderer.
com)-- Publishing Company Stark Raving Group is pleased to announce that Eric Beetner, author of "The Devil Doesn't Want Me," "Dig Two Graves," "Stripper Pole At The End Of The World" and the story collection, "A Bouquet Of Bullets" has released his new crime fiction novella "White Hot Pistol" through Stark Raving Group.
In other work, Redhead (1997: xi) depicted the phase of post-war society in Britain from the mid-1980s to the 1990s as one of "hedonistic individualism," while Stanley (1997: 43) described how 'hedonism and desire' are manifested through the "nomadic, disruptive, disordered, [and] deregulated" uses of social space in computer hacking, joyriding and raving.