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an institution, esp a private one, for the care and treatment of the mentally ill, infirm, elderly, etc.



military ceremonial music and a military signal played at a specific time on the drum, horn, or trumpet or by a band. The retreat appeared in various armies in the 18th century. In the Soviet armed forces the retreat is played in training centers and camps after the daily evening roll call and in the barracks after the evening roll call for the whole regiment or the battalion. The retreat music that is presently used was written by S. A. Chernetskii. On state holidays of the USSR, of the armed forces, of an armed service, or of a combat arm and on annual holidays of units and when certain persons (specified by the Military Regulations of the Internal Service of the Armed Forces of the USSR) visit a summer encampment a ceremonial retreat is sounded. For this ceremony, all the personnel of the summer encampment assemble in the area indicated by the commanding officer of the summer encampment. At the designated time, signal flares are fired, an artillery battery fires a volley of blank rounds, and a composite band plays the retreat and the anthem of the Soviet Union, after which the troops file past the band.


Ustav vnutrennei sluzhby Vooruzhennykh Sil Soiuza SSR. Moscow, 1969.



(mining engineering)
Workings in the opposite direction of advance work which, when completed, will permit the area to be abandoned as finished.
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Length of stay often is shortened due to the decreased need to re-treat patients who failed to respond to treatment in the first place.
4%) had retreated them in the past six months, while the rest showed their inability to re-treat their nets on lack of skills to do so (39.
I avoid shortening the life of my favorite clothes through repeated washings after every hunt; it's far faster than washing and drying; you can treat items like packs, boots, releases, and other gear very conveniently; and I don't need to bring lots of clothes on hunts because I can re-treat my gear anywhere there is AC or DC power.
We have managed to bring on board four experts including Dr Allan Thornton, the most senior specialist in the world, who can even re-treat a patient who has already undergone unsuccessful treatment with conventional radiation.
But they are having to re-treat principal routes, such as roads to hospitals, following each fall of snow.
CZECH President Klaus RE-TREAT David Cameron on the Tube yesterday VOW Cam in downmarket Tory paper in 2007 SEALED Lisbon Treaty signed by the Czech leader yesterday
The participants were evaluated every four months for 12 months, and those in the triamcinolone group received additional injections at each follow-up visit unless there was a specific reason not to re-treat them.
The worst that can happen is that if you do have a relapse, you can re-treat for 48 weeks.
This ability to predict success after just three months will give both doctors and hepatitis C patients additional confidence when considering whether to re-treat," said Professor Jensen.
We would ideally like to do more magnetic resonance angiograms as follow-up, since we believe this provides enough information on which to base a decision whether or not to re-treat an aneurysmal remnant.
Although the acquisition cost of the BMT regimen is less than that of LAC regimen, the expenses that result from poor patient compliance and side effects leading to treatment failure, the need to re-treat, and the potential for antimicrobial resistance with BMT may be far greater.