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A statement on the rescue team's website said that Mr Aindow's party had got lost due to a map reading mistake.
Wiltshire-based Calortex say the meter reading mistake was first made by a sub-contractor in 1997 when Elizabeth signed up with them.
Maximized accuracy: Dispatch errors caused by reading mistakes are eliminated, resulting in a reduction of the number of repeat deliveries and creation of accurate delivery notes.
In this research, it was found that every three student's oral reading mistakes decreased significantly; their word recognition percentage, understanding level and oral reading skill increased from anxiety level to teaching level.
Anxiety Level: Refers to the level at which the student understands very few of what he/she reads and/or makes many reading mistakes during reading.
The reading mistakes made by the student during reading were detected by listening to the audio record device and written on the word cards prepared according to the inventor.
The oral reading mistakes made by the student prior to implementation were indicated in Table 2.
If the student makes five or more reading mistakes .
She is involved in a variety of other research projects at CMU, including "Miscue Modeling," with CMU's Human Computer Interaction Institute's project LISTEN (the automated reading tutor) using machine-learning techniques to model and predict child reading mistakes.