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in architectural construction, a technique whereby large units of a building are produced in factories to be assembled, ready-made, on the building site. The technique permits the speedy erection of very large structures. It has been applied to urban housing for more than a century. Major architects, including Walter GropiusGropius, Walter
, 1883–1969, German-American architect, one of the leaders of modern functional architecture. In Germany his Fagus factory buildings (1910–11) at Alfeld, with their glass walls, metal spandrels, and discerning use of purely industrial features, were
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, Konrad Wachsmann, and Buckminster FullerFuller, R. Buckminster
(Richard Buckminster Fuller), 1895–1983, American architect and engineer, b. Milton, Mass. Fuller devoted his life to the invention of revolutionary technological designs aimed at solving problems of modern living.
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, have been involved significantly in the development of prefabrication. See also modulemodule.
1 Term derived from the Latin modulus, a unit of measure in classical architecture equal to half the diameter of a column at its base. This unit was used in proportioning the classical orders of architecture.
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The manufacture of standardized units or components, usually at a mill or plant away from the site, for quick assembly and erection on the job site.
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Through reducing food waste, changing packaging and other tweaks, it's possible the reduce the impact of ready-made sandwiches substantially, the authors wrote.
But our Gaeseong Jumbo Shrimp Dumplings, which used shrimp for the first time in the market, is changing the paradigm of the ready-made dumpling market here.
Prior to 2000, there were 36,000 Palestinian workers working in this profession as the Gaza Strip used to export up to 1,500 ready-made clothes to Israel and abroad every month.
So far, there are six different ready-made house plans with different square surface, but Transport Minister recently informed that new six house plans will soon be available --informed VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski after visiting the Center for Design and Innovations "Public Room"
Salim bin Sulayem al-Junaibi, Board member of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), Head of OCCI Al Wusta Governorate Branch, Head of the Omani trade delegation to the forum, affirmed that the participation of the Omani delegation in the Turkish-Arab forum for Ready-made Garments, Leather, and Textiles Technology Industries achieved its desired goals.
There is great potential for Bangladeshi ready-made garments, ceramics, jute products and pharmaceuticals to be exported to the Philippines, he said.
Secretary General of the JHCO, Ayman Mefleh, told Petra that the convoy, which carried 70 ready-made houses, was donated by the professional associations, noting that the caravans will be distributed to beneficiaries in Gaza by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.
I think this notion that somehow there was this ready-made moderate Syrian force that was able to defeat Assad is simply not true.
Assaf added that the issue of the price increase has been investigated and West Bank based ready-made cement companies have come to the conclusion that there has been no price increase from the Israeli side.
Make your very own Christmas wreaths 1 You can buy ready-made circular metal frames, or ready-made woven willow or oasis rings, from most floristry shops or garden centres.
Summary: The factories in Al-Mahalla Al-Kobra in the Delta that manufacture ready-made clothes are threatened with closure, because of the continued smuggling into Egypt of huge quantities of garments from countries such as China, Turkey, Korea and Indonesia.
INGREDIENTS: 30g/1oz butter; 1 apple; 5 dates; 2tbsp maple syrup; 1 sheet ready-made filo pastry; 1 egg; icing sugar.