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a royal domain; kingdom (now chiefly in such phrases as Peer of the Realm)



the largest unit of zoogeographic regionalization (seeZOOLOGICAL REGIONALIZATION). The land areas of the earth are divided into three realms: Arctogea, Neogea, and Notogea. Some zoogeographers use the term “region” instead of realm, for example, the Holarctic region. The Pacific Ocean is also divided into three realms: the realm of the cold and temperate sea of the northern hemisphere, the tropical realm, and the realm of the cold and temperate seas of the southern hemisphere.

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The Realm of Caring Foundation was established in 2012 by The Stanley Brothers, Heather Jackson, and Paige Figi - following the first two success stories of their children using Charlotte's Web(TM).
But no Winery Summit would be complete without the presence of other players in the marketplace that either currently operate within the winery sector and/or have relevant products and enhancements that already integrate with or are in the process of being integrated to Retail Realm Essentials[R].
to see a photo of the Ranger from the official website of "Shadow Realms.
In time this will probably provoke further upgrading of and additions to the public realm around, the beginning of urbanity in the autopia of Atlanta.
This realm in particular requires specific and often unique solutions to foster successful return to work and often involves education, practice, worksite modification, and a great amount of perseverance.
Our work with Realm on the European shale plays has significantly increased our knowledge base for unconventionals, and we look forward to working with Realm on a global level.
With the EMV liability switch date of 1st October looming, Mercury is hard at work alongside Retail Realm to ensure all bases are covered.
In the frustratingly short following discussion that failed to mature into a discernible debate--it came as little surprise that the comments focused on the public realm as the critical issue.
Space Ghost, a former Saturday-morning star-turned-self-satisfied hack, lords over his talk-show realm with two of his embittered villains as lackeys - Zorak on keyboards, Moltar in the control room.
We must allow these realms to relate to each other in overlapping ways rather than reifying the categories of public and private.
Her implosions of heterogeneous sign systems collapse the ungovernable machinations of nature onto the realm of pure artifice--into the unboundable, voracious sphere of incessantly reproduced cultural signs.
The Giant Realm Store features a complete selection of digital products from the Top Ten PC Publishers of 2008 (according to data from market research firm The NPD Group), including EA, SEGA, SouthPeak and Ubisoft([R]).