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(rē`bĕk), one of the earliest forms of the violin. It was pear-shaped, had from three to five strings, and possessed a strident tone. Its use, which began in the 13th cent., was to play melodies of popular songs and dance music, accompanied by percussion. The rebec, prevalent in European medieval and early Renaissance music, developed from the Arab instrument, the rehāb.



(also rebek), an ancient stringed and bowed musical instrument. A rebec has a wooden, rimless, and pear-shaped body, whose upper part tapers directly into the neck. The soundboard has two soundholes, and the three strings are tuned in fifths. The rebec first appeared in Western Europe about the 12th century and was used until the third quarter of the 18th century. It influenced the shape of instruments belonging to the violin family.

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While an earlier paper of George Rebec, professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, showed the effects of ceftriaxone on cocaine craving, the new paper was the first to localize the effects of ceftriaxone to the nucleus accumbens and was the first to show that ceftriaxone works after long withdrawal periods.
When the psalm had been sung, the procession, including rebec and recorder players who followed the banner bearer, began to move down the center aisle with traditional gestures of sorrow.
Haloperidol, chlorpromazine, and clozapine block the stimulus cues and stereotypies produced by amphetamine but do not antagonize the reduction on the rate of operant response produced by intermediate doses of d-amphetamine (Callahan, Appel, & Cunninghan, 1991; Colpaert, Niemegeers, & Jansen, 1978; Miczek & Yoshimura, 1982; Nielsen & Jepsen, 1985; Tschanz & Rebec, 1988).
But minstrels aren't knights, even though Dinadan sits on his horse in such a way that he can sing and play his rebec with ease as he rides.
30YEARS AGO;AT Haydock, Henry Cecil's Rebec bolts home at 5's in the Cecil Frail Handicap under Frankie Durr from Ben Hanbury's Black Rhino (B Raymond) with Dick Hern's Fireworks Party (J Mercer) back in third.
The score is performed by vocalists including celebrated sopranos Emma Kirkby and Lucy Skeaping and musicians on rebec, celtic harp, uillean pipes and whistles.
Rebec (Henry Cecil/ Frank Durr) books himself a spot in the Jersey Stakes by taking the Cecil Frail Handicap at Haydock.
And you will be able to impress your friends with your new knowledge of musical instruments such as the vielle, the rebec, the rauschpfeiff, the crumhorn, the tabor, and the sackbut.
To achieve this, his orchestra included many eastern instruments--from the pi'pa, sitar and tabla to Tibetan singing bowls--to such ancient western instruments as the rebec, recorder and medieval harp.
that the rebec was an instrument for professionals, not amateurs [signature B2v]; that instrumentalists needed to know the rules of composition in order to improvise counterpoint on a cantus firmus as well as to add diminution to a line of music [sig.
Mohammed Rebec, right hand to Saudi Prince; Colonel Carrington; Richard Fields; and Elizabeth Nobrega, Prince Charles Trustee.
Bosra, Daraa and Jassem Museums contain agricultural and harvest instruments, cosmetics, popular fashion, and building tools, in addition to Arab coffee industry tools and musical instruments such as the rebec, the clarinet and the tambourine and food straw-made pieces.