rec room

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rec. room

Abbr. for “recreation room.”
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Plan for adequate task and overhead lighting for each "zone" in your new rec room as well as table and floor lamps or wall fixtures.
A worn-out community rec room in 1950s colors and a scraggly house plant framed the tawdry doings.
In fact, many buyers are businesses: Remove the net and you've got a dandy of a conference table; snap the net back on and the boardroom becomes a rec room.
Even the non-musical theater resorts to this metaphor for change: Remember Stepping Out, the 1987 Broadway play set in a church rec room, where tap-dance classes provided a life-changing boost for an array of characters in a dreary London neighborhood?
Two weeks later there is a surprise awards ceremony at the regular Wednesday night science talk in Palmer Station's rec room.
These new "Camo Kits" will appeal to sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts and are ideal for inns, lodges, cottages, camps, or the rec room.
As if it's not enough to fix the roof and turn the basement into a rec room, now you're probably going to feel pressure to begin "digital remodeling" in your home.
But why, when the sex has waned, must the gay couple's main obsession always be whether to paint the rec room red or put in a pool behind the converted barn?
My basic criterion for reviewing speakers is whether I would buy them for my own use, either in the main system in my living room or in the smaller system in my basement rec room.
But because of his escape history and security classification there was no way he'd be allowed to mix largely unsupervised with the others in the rec room.
Josh Temple (House Crashers) redid the living room, Matt Muenster (Bath Crashers) renovated the master suite, Anitra Mecadon (Mega Dens) built out the rec room, Dean Marsico and Derek Stearns (Indoors Out) completed the backyard entertainment area, James Young (I Hate My Kitchen) hooked up the kitchen, and Jason Cameron (Desperate Landscapes, Man Caves) revamped the front landscaping.
3, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Like the treadmills and stationary bikes that become rec room coat racks, fitness and other health-related smartphone apps are acquired in large numbers by Americans, but over time, many are left unused by those who download them.