rec room

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rec. room

Abbr. for “recreation room.”
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There is also a laundry room and a store room that link the house to a converted barn which would be ideal as a home office or rec room.
It's a cool new little coffee shop that just opened in Humboldt Park and it looks like your grandparents' rec room with its midcentury furniture and topless tiki mugs," she says.
Antoine had trouble playing jazz, so his brother would teach him about swing and how to do stride piano in the prison rec room.
With that in mind, Jody ditched her plan for a play structure and instead installed artificial grass for soccer games, used durable materials throughout the home, and converted an attached garage into a rec room that could grow with her children.
For more room to expand, finish the future rec room above the garage.
New guest rooms were added to slightly increase capacity, and the rec room area was expanded.
I've worked in construction Most of my life, and last year I put a bathroom, wet bar, laundry room and rec room in my basement without any problems.
After making "the rounds" at other Miami hotspots (including Le Baron at Nikki Beach), Moore and her pals arrived at the club Rec Room around 4 am, where they took a table toward the back and ordered "a bunch of beer," the source said.
My parents flaunt their split-level ranch on the half acre lot, giving the grand tour of the lush rock garden and wood-paneled rec room.
Decorate your child's bedroom or the rec room wall with this high-quality lifelike 3-D T rex head.
There's no question "GCB" slathers on the Southern stereotypes, from Gigi's heavily armed rec room to the colorful colloquialisms (Gigi calls Amanda's younger self "a bitch with teeth"), to a "Longhorn Ball" event rife with "Urban Cowboy" cliches.
McNaughton seems to split his leisure time between the dartboard in the players' rec room at their Vale training base on the outskirts of the city and the chair of his favourite tattoo artist.