reception wall

retention wall

A thin wall or barrier which forms a gap between it and the external wall of a building (the space between being filled with a waterproofing material).
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The reception wall is back-lit Venetian glass tiles, made by Fabbian of Italy.
First impressions are important, and the original reception wall of back-lit Venetian glass tiles, made by Fabbian of Italy, makes for an impressively stylish entrance.
The reception wall, meanwhile, showcases an LED backlit company logo and glowing acrylic linear boxes to texturize the wood wall--part of the inviting entrance ShopperTrak desired.
Hello Kitty brand is only in the backdrop, on the main reception wall, door knobs, cushions and mirror mashrabiya.
Kinney Chan, a famous Hong Kong interior designer has designed the new lounge, which comprises Mother-of-Pearl reception wall, signature Plaza crystal chandelier and the 100% New Zealand wool carpets.
The artist's statement on the reception wall hardly sufficed the amusing spectacle I was plunged into.
Make sure that the mission statement and values are not confined to the meeting room or reception wall.
Radio and TV presenter and ex-rugby star Rupert Moon revealed a seven-foot-wide by four-foot-high mural of farmyard animals which runs over the main reception wall.
In terms of recruitment and attracting people, I'm not talking about hanging a security commitment on a reception wall or stating an attitude about security in a recruitment advertisement or other media--it's simply something that needs to be planned for and addressed when recruiting new employees and executives.
There's a sign on the reception wall that says: "The manager has personally passed all the water served here.
The reception wall is made of Venetian glass tiles by Fabbian of Italy, and backlit, to create a sparkling abstract impression of bamboo, whilst ensuring a consistent look and feel to the airline's flagship lounges at Hong Kong International Airport.
Hong Kong interior designer Kinney Chan designed the lounge, along the lines of its Plaza Premium sister in HK airport, and it features a mother-of-pearl reception wall, crystal chandelier and NZ wool carpets.