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One who receives; receiver. E.g. "No recipient of the e-mail message will know about the other addressees who were listed in the BCC header."



a human being or animal in which an organ, tissue, or cells from another organism have been transplanted. Transplantation is performed for therapeutic purposes, as in the case of blood transfusions and heart and kidney transplants. It is also carried out in order to study organ and cell functions; an example is the transplantation of bone marrow to animals that have been subjected to ionizing radiation. In addition, transplantation is sometimes performed for cosmetic purposes. The main conditions for the survival of foreign organs, tissues, or cells are the choice of a suitable donor and suppression of immunity in the recipient before the transplantation takes place. An organism with a surviving transplant is termed a chimera.


Moore, F. Istoriia peresadok organov. Moscow, 1973. (Translated from English.)


One who receives. The person to whom an email message is sent is the recipient.
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A huge proportion of long-term recipients reported serious problems that posed significant barriers to their ever getting off the dole.
For those TANF recipients whose disabilities do not meet VR eligibility criteria or criteria for open categories in a state VR agency's order of selection, formal agreements seem to be one solution to the problem of how to ensure the provision of specialized services.
if a family is seeking protection of a nursing home care recipient's rights, the recipient is referred to as a "resident,"; if HMO services are being sought, as a "member");
For example: the agency could put recipients on restricted issuance (such as crediting the recipient's benefits biweekly, rather than monthly); restrict the sites at which the recipient could receive benefits; or appoint a representative payee.
While some pediatric recipients may be covered by their parents' health insurance, family insurance coverage often does not extend to children over 18 unless they are full time students.
Welfare reform had the unforeseen effect of causing large numbers of public assistance recipients to drop out of college, discouraging their pursuit and acquisition of postsecondary education (PSE) credentials.
The researchers speculated that the slight differences between donors and recipients might be attributable to the fact that all donors surveyed responded with a specific recipient or loved one in mind, whereas only 22% of recipients had a specific donor in mind.
For example, a company may obtain a recipient's consent by requesting a fax number on an application form that includes a clear statement indicating that by providing such fax number, the recipient agrees to receive fax advertisements from the company.
was the first military recipient of the Sullivan-Schein Award of Excellence since its creation in 1997.
Prosecutors have also alleged that taxpayers are being defrauded out of tens of millions of dollars by in-home care workers and recipients.
Violate loan covenants or similar obligations to which the service recipient is subject, if such violation would cause material harm; or