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An apparatus in which heat is conducted from the combustion products to incoming cooler air through a system of thin-walled ducts.



a surface heat exchanger for recovering the heat of waste gases, in which the heat exchange between the fluids occurs continuously through a wall. In contradistinction to a regenerator, the paths of the fluids do not change.

On the basis of the relative motion of the fluids, recuperators can be classified as counterfiow or parallel-flow. According to design they can be classified as tube, film cooler, thermo-sy-phon, or other type and according to use as preheaters of air, gases, or liquids, evaporative coolers, condensers, and so forth.

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Analogical experiments were fulfilled with different recuperators with different requirements for the airflow rate capacity.
The gas after the washing tower passes through the gas blower, a part of the gas is heated in a recuperator and recycled into the middle part of the Fushun retort for oil shale pyrolysis; the other part is transported to a cooling tower, where shale oil and water are gained and directed to a water-oil tank.
In addition to converting the nine units to DLN operation, the scope of GE's contract includes replacement of the gas turbine skids and auxiliaries, replacing and installing heat recuperators, installing new control logic functions into the existing controls systems, site installation activities, and a full-string test for the first upgraded unit.
His research focus covers areas of gas turbine with focus on novel low emissions combustions, compressor efficiency enhancement using abradable seals and engine efficiency improvement using recuperators.
2013-0-90: supply thrombus recuperators for neuroradiology, university hospital "october 12".
Their diverse and innovative products include environmentally friendly microturbines, microturbine systems and recuperators.
Preheated combustion air-through recuperators or regeneration pick up 6%-8% efficiency, for a 24-month or 60-month ROI.
Manufacturers and suppliers of ceramic kiln furniture, recuperators and heat exchangers.
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Recuperators capture energy that would have been lost in a microturbine's exhaust.
The recuperators capture energy normally lost to the atmosphere and re-circulate it back to the process, resulting in significant fuel savings.