red admiral

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red admiral

a nymphalid butterfly, Vanessa atalanta, of temperate Europe and Asia, having black wings with red and white markings

Red Admiral


(Pyrameis atalanta), a diurnal butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. It has a wingspread of 5–6 cm. The front wings are black on top, with white spots and an oblique red crossband on the apex; the hind wings are black with a red marginal strip. The red admiral is encountered on the edges of forests, in parks, and in gardens of Europe and Asia (Siberia). Its flying period is from July through September, whereas butterflies which have hibernated are active in the spring. The caterpillar lives on the leaves of the nettle and the thistle. The butterfly does not harm cultivated plants.

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The spectacle of Red Admirals and Small Tortoiseshells flitting around buddleia bushes is one of the classic sights of British summertime.
The small tortoiseshell enjoyed its best year for a decade last summer but migrants, including red admirals and painted lady, struggled.
Charlie Mann, trainer of Red Admiral "He's had a good break and come back in great form.
The men broke into a flat above the Red Admiral pub in Boston Avenue just before 1am on Sunday, before forcing their way into the bar and assaulting the member of staff.
So far in 2015 the conservation charity has already received sightings of snowdrops at 120 locations across the country, 74 records of hazel catkins and even sightings of ladybirds, and small tortoiseshell, peacock and red admiral butterflies.
Ladybirds, which normally appear in mid-March, have been seen in Crewe; Brimstone, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Comma and Speckled Wood sightings have all been reported to Butterfly Conservation.
Firefighters were called to Red Admiral Court in Lobley Hill, Gateshead, at around 5.
Striker Paul Wilkinson's signature is among those on the Boro shirt, which is a short-sleeved red Admiral shirt, with a club badge and ICI sponsorship logo.
My own favourite is the Red Admiral, which I have seen as late as November, with its vivid contrast of black and scarlet, and the dazzle of the scarlet subdued by splashes of black and white dots on its wings.
However the runner-up has hardly upheld the form and it may be better looking to either Mount Oscar or Red Admiral to bring home the prize.
SMALL fields have never been a barrier to excitement over jumps, and that point was underlined in the Grade 2 novice chase won by Red Admiral.
Red Admiral butterfly cushion made from hand-embroidered, felted wool, pounds 80, Jan Constantine, 01270 821194, www.