red bug

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red bug,

name for various red insects or arachnids. Chief among them are the cotton stainer of the S United States, which pierces the seeds of the cotton plant and discolors the fibers, and the larva of the harvest mite, or chiggerchigger,
minute, six-legged, reddish larva of the harvest mite, one of various red bugs widely distributed throughout the world and common in the S United States. Attaching itself by its mouthparts to the skin of its vertebrate host, the chigger injects saliva that destroys
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, the cause of red-bug dermatitis.
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Paul Samson, Managing Member of Head West Enterprises, LLC, the franchisor of the Westshore Pizza brand, said he thinks the site, on the corner of Red Bug Lake Road and State Road 436, will be an excellent location.
These mites are also known by different names, including harvest mites, red bugs and berry bugs.
Ann Tatum encourages individuals to know how to spot and remove ticks, as well as other bothersome insects such as red bugs.
That was the third game in a row that the Red Bugs have failed to find the net and that wouldn't lead too many to back them with any great degree of confidence at 8-5 with bet365.
Darlington's writing chugs breezily along like his narrow boat through Carolina, Georgia and Florida, defying alligators, biting fish, red bugs that burrow in to your skin, fierce mosquitoes and the blazing hot, freezing cold and contrary country.