red bug

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red bug,

name for various red insects or arachnids. Chief among them are the cotton stainer of the S United States, which pierces the seeds of the cotton plant and discolors the fibers, and the larva of the harvest mite, or chiggerchigger,
minute, six-legged, reddish larva of the harvest mite, one of various red bugs widely distributed throughout the world and common in the S United States. Attaching itself by its mouthparts to the skin of its vertebrate host, the chigger injects saliva that destroys
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, the cause of red-bug dermatitis.
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If the Pacific giant octopus scripts a heartwarming story of supreme motherly sacrifice, then a Japanese red bug mother leaves no stone unturned to ensure her children stay with her.
As I launched into a reading of my wintry rhyme, Snug as a Big Red Bug, the kids pulled out their own version--Snug as a Beautiful Blue Bug--in which they had replaced my farm animals with critters more likely to be found in the boreal forest.
WHEN CATHY GRIFFITH, fourth-grader at Red Bug Elementary School in Seminole County (Fla.
Hopkins with red bug bites over her body, said that Fordham has found Ms.