red spider

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red spider:

see mitemite,
small, often microscopic arachnid that belongs to several orders in the subclass Acari (or Acarina), to which the tick also belongs; mites and ticks are related to the spiders.
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Action threshold treatment regimens for red spider mite and fruit borer on tomato.
Red Spider employs 50 people at its custom-built headquarters in Westhill, Aberdeen, UK, and worldwide.
Doctors at Saqr hospital diagnosed the victim's swollen arm and found out that the red spider left poisonous substances inside the arm of the Asian after biting him which led to the swelling.
They can eat five adult red spider mites or 25 young larvae/eggs a day and breed rapidly while actively seeking prey.
Members of the Red Spider team took part in the Next Generation NGO&G Summit in South Africa.
Moving plants out of the conservatory will save them from baking under glass, and reduce pest and disease problems, such as red spider mite.
Mist foliage with tepid water to discourage red spider mite.
Gosden said: "We have four horses entered in the Triple Crown Nawaadi, Close Alliance, Mafaaz and Red Spider and the introduction of this race is a very far-sighted innovation because the closer we bring our racing together with the US, the healthier it will be for the UK racing industry.
John Gosden's Red Spider is the sole supplementary entry, while also among the 23 confirmations are Sir Michael Stoute's Marching Time and the Michael Jarvis-trained Sri Putra.
n A small black and red spider, the size of a thumbnail.
If you have a conservatory and/or plants too big to move outside, remember that red spider mites love hot and dry conditions and can be a pain to get rid of.
As the temperature rises, watch out in the greenhouse for signs of aphids and red spider mite.