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see legislative apportionmentlegislative apportionment,
subdivision of a political body (e.g., a state or province) for the purpose of electing legislative representatives. In the United States, the Constitution requires that Congressional representatives be elected on the basis of population.
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35) After Baker, the federal courts served as a reversionary point if a state failed to redistrict, whereas, prior to Baker, the previous plan would have remained in force unless a state experienced a change in the number of congressional districts through apportionment.
Kousser's chapter thoroughly analyzes congressional and state legislative redistrict ing in California and does not overlap with his book.
Lane County's other cities and districts also must redistrict, and the county clerk has until Jan.
But although the issue of whether to redistrict mid-decade is a thorny one, planning now for 2011 seems like a simpler proposition.