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see legislative apportionmentlegislative apportionment,
subdivision of a political body (e.g., a state or province) for the purpose of electing legislative representatives. In the United States, the Constitution requires that Congressional representatives be elected on the basis of population.
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Responses will be included in the bureau's redistricting publication, "The View From the States.
NCSL will work with the Census Bureau's Redistricting Data Office on the comments offered and present the findings at the 2013 Legislative Summit this summer in Atlanta.
Carr (1) profoundly affected redistricting practices.
more active role in redistricting at all levels, reviewing the statutory
The first video, entitled "What is Redistricting in the United States?
County officials refused to grant a ballot title to the opponents, saying that the board's approval of the redistricting plan was an administrative action, not a legislative one, and therefore not subject to a referendum.
The council needs to approve redistricting by June 15, and the changes would go into effect after Dec.
And even though the Legislature will keep on running in a special session, Senate President Don Perata, D-Oakland, has made it clear that redistricting won't be on the table.
Democrats had already made significant gains without redistricting in California.
Redistricting is the process of redrawing legislative boundaries based on population.
3) In fact proponents of automated redistricting claim that the "optimal" districting plan can be determined, given any set of specified values.