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Gestalt theory disavows the notion that humans can be viewed in a reductionistic fashion.
The 20th-century scientific philosopher Karl Popper, among many others, noted that the scientific method used in support of the reductionistic fallacy does no more than generate hypotheses.
15) As McCutcheon states in Manufacturing Religion, "This book is unapologetically reductionistic, for it advocates a naturalist, historical scale, where all human events and conceptual or textual productions--in a word, discourses--are understood to have socioeconomic and political origins and implications.
Medicine's reductionistic habit emphasizes components and episodes, which disserves the reality that most clinical events do not occur de novo but merely represent the moment of recognition in which an attenuated distributed process has become apparent.
Given the complexity of the system it attempts to understand, brain science is necessarily reductionistic.
Though the book generally is reductionistic in methodology, at these points Ockham's razor may have dulled.
In the world of metaethics, Railton's reductionistic naturalism is no doubt a highly cogent and reasonable form of naturalism, and perhaps one of the best currently available.
is so, other than to affirm that his position is not reductionistic,
The medical model is also characterized by a reductionistic approach toward science, that is, a belief that there are no inherently unknowable facts and that all of nature can eventually be described scientifically.
What is important in these studies by Wyschogrod is that they remind the scholar of religion that we do violence to religion if we think that we can domesticate it in some closed system or reductionistic mode of explanation.
Barnitt and Mayers (1993), and McColl (1994) concluded that an environment that has a primarily reductionistic biomedical focus is at odds with the idea of holism.