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Serving with them, was dispatch rider Brian O'Regan, who later told his son that he "picked up a white-taped aluminum can containing cine reel number one by Sgt.
With the AJCP Reel Number and Piece Number the unit muster rolls and pay lists can be examined.
Reel number 1185 from 1954 covers the trials--and Cinesound takes a none-too-friendly poke at their rival, Movietone's Jack Davey.
Following the main descriptive section there are title indexes by language; a list of abbreviations and acronyms; a list of the Indonesian and overseas members of the project team which prepared the catalogue; a microfilm reel number index and a bibliography of other catalogues and related works.
For each entry it presents the project number, repository shelf number, and alternative repository codes if available, reel numbers of the microfilms, titles, names of authors and scribes (when applicable), time of composition, inscription, collations, illuminations (if applicable), and sizes.