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What does it mean when you dream about a referee?

Encountering a referee in a dream may suggest an inner battle between one’s ideals and the ego requirements imposed by what others value. The dreamer may need help defining the rules needed to settle this conflict.

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Maybe because we didn't have money for even just one referee to officiate our game?
KRU will take up referee match allocation responsibilities for all the leagues.
Collina was instrumental in promoting the use of additional referee and collaborating with Fifa in the experimentation of Video Assistant Referees (VAR).
Imphal (Manipur) [India], Dec 18 ( ANI ): Tekcham Ranjita Devi became the only second woman referee from Manipur to be awarded the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Referee Badge, after Keilyani Chanu.
LIVERPOOL County FA's referees department is working in partnership with the Referees Association and Liverpool Referees Society to support new referees across Merseyside.
The video assistants check the cameras and share their findings with the head referee by radio.
Ravi and Tucker will be the on-field umpires for the opening match between England and Bangladesh at The Oval on 1 June,with Oxenford in the third umpire's room along with Boon as match referee, while Gaffaney will be the fourth umpire.
For every referee, man or woman, refereeing in the Bundesliga is the ultimate goal," Steinhaus was quoted as saying in a statement posted on the DFB's website.
Abdelrazak explained that the Xeebra system involves a simple setup which can be used by the referee with or without the help of an operator.
My suggestion would be for a floating referee to observe matches and offer the players assistance regarding rule violations.
The elite-level referee is exposed to similar physical demands to those placed on a midfield soccer player (5).
Panayi added that "there are capable referees who shouldn't have to have a former referee or referee observers as a father or relative".