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What does it mean when you dream about a referee?

Encountering a referee in a dream may suggest an inner battle between one’s ideals and the ego requirements imposed by what others value. The dreamer may need help defining the rules needed to settle this conflict.

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The Qatar Football Association President, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed al-Thani, received Massimo Busacca, Director of the FIFA Refereeing Department, at the QFA headquarters in Al Bidda Tower on Thursday.
Among the highlights of her career to date are refereeing the final of the women's World Cup in Germany in 2011 and the final of the women's Olympic tournament in London in 2012.
The PLC is committed to provide logistic support for the referees to successfully officiate PLC organised matches with minimal impact on competing clubs by any refereeing decisions.
In a cross sectional study, all referees who were selected for Iranian premier soccer league allocated in the project with assistance of refereeing committee and medical committee of Iranian national soccer federation.
With Cypriot refereeing scraping the bottom of the barrel due to your choices, omissions, and meddling, it is high time -- if you truly love football -- to radically overhaul refereeing; as for the need for better management of the CFA, now is not the time," Panayi urged Cypriot football's leaders.
ME-ftE-oy-lu highlighted that although there are many complaints about refereeing from within the country, Turkish referee CE-neyt Ecakyr has been named one of the world's top referees and Halis Euzkahya and HE-seyin GE[micro]cek will join him in UEFA's Elite group of referees next year.
Her hard work, dedication and strong refereeing performances have propelled her into the top handful of female referees in the world and into the national panel here in Ireland.
This award does not only belong to me, but it belongs to my teachers, my instructors and my colleagues, my assistants and everybody who has supported me," said Irmatov "Being a referee in football is one of the important parts because the quality of refereeing can affect the game.
However, there are few studies on the prevention of injuries in soccer, due to lack of solid evidence about the risk factors and injury mechanisms at different levels of refereeing (1).
BRITISH University and Colleges Sport have offi-cially designated Newcastle University as the national university refereeing hub for the North East.
Abu Dhabi: A spate of refereeing mistakes in the local competitions this season have forced the officials of a number of clubs calling for foreign referees to officiate in the key matches here.
Referees' manager Rodger Gifford outlined future plans for the development of women's refereeing in Wales which included: ?