Reflection Coefficient

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reflection coefficient

[ri′flek·shən ‚kō·i‚fish·ənt]
The ratio of the amplitude of a wave reflected from a surface to the amplitude of the incident wave. Also known as coefficient of reflection.

Reflection Coefficient


the ratio of the radiant flux reflected by a body to the radiant flux incident on it. The concept of an amplitude reflection coefficient, that is, the ratio of the amplitudes of the reflected and incident waves, is sometimes used —for example, for radio waves. In general, the reflection coefficient is the sum of a direct reflection coefficient and a diffuse reflection coefficient.

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Three relationships (1, 2 and 3) were developed between reflection coefficients values from seismic data and well data.
For the calibration procedure used to define the reflection coefficient, (4) is used to compute Tm; here [E.
If the structure is backed by a perfect electric conductor and the media interchanges DPS [left right arrow] DNG, and ENG [left right arrow] MNG are made in the layers, then the reflection coefficients of the two dual structures become complex conjugates of each other, and the reflected powers are equal.
The idea of using this objective function is to minimize the reflection coefficient, thus designing a low weight EMA, which absorbs the maximum amount of perpendicular EM energy.
Complex permittivity measurement at microwave frequencies with transmission and reflection coefficients was adopted widely using guided wave geometries, where the material sample is put inside precisely to fill the space with a certain width [24], [53], [82], [85], [96].
i](f) = [+ or -]1} denotes the linear cover obtained by varying the reflection coefficient [k.
The reflection coefficient is determined as the ratio of the average values of the normal components of the Pointing vector of the diffracted and incident waves:
The other parameter considered for surface roughness monitoring is reflection coefficient.
The Handbook cites a 1981 Perdue University report, "Investigation of End Reflection Coefficient Accuracy Problems with AMCA Standard 300-67" (Sandbakken et al.
The simulated and measured reflection coefficient and radiation efficiency for two unloaded antennas, 40 mm and 60 mm, are shown in Figure 2.
If the cell membranes are not perfectly semi-permeable, the osmotic head has to be multiplied by a reflection coefficient, [sigma], before it is added to the matric head.
On this scale, one division is a reflection coefficient of 10% and corresponds to an impedance change of about 10 [ohm].