Reflection Coefficient

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reflection coefficient

[ri′flek·shən ‚kō·i‚fish·ənt]
The ratio of the amplitude of a wave reflected from a surface to the amplitude of the incident wave. Also known as coefficient of reflection.

Reflection Coefficient


the ratio of the radiant flux reflected by a body to the radiant flux incident on it. The concept of an amplitude reflection coefficient, that is, the ratio of the amplitudes of the reflected and incident waves, is sometimes used —for example, for radio waves. In general, the reflection coefficient is the sum of a direct reflection coefficient and a diffuse reflection coefficient.

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The reflection coefficient ([omega]) for the experimental soils followed the order: [S.
In order to perform permittivity measurements of liquids, the liquid-filled shielded-open coaxial fixture is connected to a calibrated vector network analyzer, and its reflection coefficient [[GAMMA].
Here, and are the top and base reflection coefficients and T is layer thickness.
The stability criterion via a reflection coefficient is as follows [13]: a polynomial f(z) has all its roots inside the unit disk if and only if |[k.
With these results a multiple regression is performed to obtain a equation relating amplitude of signal (A), reflection coefficient (Rc), attenuation coefficient (Ac) and RMS of the reflected waveform (Rs) with surface roughness (Ra).
The standard method is based on measurements using a tensiometer, of which the ceramic cup wall has a reflection coefficient of zero.
The stability criterion via reflection coefficient is as follows [15]: a polynomial a(z) has all its roots inside the unit disk if and only if [absolute value of [k.
Other geoelectric parameters were derived from the fundamental parameters mentioned above (Zohdy et al, 1974), such as anisotropy coefficient ([lambda]) and reflection coefficient.
Signal path reflections are a concern because if the reflection coefficient when crossing a split in a plane is high, then the signal will be distorted.
The Handbook cites a 1981 Perdue University report, "Investigation of End Reflection Coefficient Accuracy Problems with AMCA Standard 300-67" (Sandbakken et al.
For a one-port network with a single-tone excitation at the fundamental frequency, we can extract a reflection coefficient given by
5 m by inverting, through function minimisation, a simulation of the reflection coefficient from layered dielectric materials.