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1. a form of therapy practised as a treatment in alternative medicine in which the soles of the feet are massaged: designed to stimulate the blood supply and nerves and thus relieve tension
2. Psychol the belief that behaviour can be understood in terms of combinations of reflexes



a natural science trend in psychology that developed from 1900 to 1930 mainly in Russia and was associated with the work of V. M. Bekhterev. Following I. M. Sechenov, the representatives of reflexology assumed that all thought processes are manifested objectively. Accordingly, they studied all the reflexes in which the brain is involved (“correlative activity”). Reflexologists endeavored to use strictly objective methods as a “firm prop” for scientific conclusions. They studied mental activity in relation to neural processes, using data on the physiology of higher nervous activity for purposes of elucidation.

Reflexology originated in psychology and subsequently extended into the fields of pedagogy, psychiatry, sociology, and art studies. Despite some achievements, the trend was unable to overcome its mechanistic interpretation of mental processes as epiphenomena of behavioral acts. Marxist criticism of reflexology intensified by the late 1920’s. Many reflexologists became aware of the trend’s limitations and reconsidered their former views.


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These include the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and British Reflexology Association (BRA).
Reflexologist Tracy Howes "It doesn't claim to be able to cure conditions, but rather aid the healing process," said Tracy, 33, of Llandudno, who took a year's course at Coleg Llandrillo to become a qualified practitioner.
Experts involved in the training of reflexologists and masseurs confirmed the conduct was far beyond the bounds of acceptable practice.
The researchers acknowledged that because the person training the partner reflexologists also administered the questionnaires, there may have been a lack of complete objectivity and the chance of bias.
At the Solace Spa in Hockley, which has just changed its name from the Sense Spa, reflexologist Clare Coniry says it is one of the most popular treatments.
Reflexologists are renowned for diagnosing problems through the medium of the feet.
Tacy Apostolik is a Board certified reflexologist based in Asheville, NC who uses therapeutic-grade essential oils in her practice.
Fruit and Vegetables as Medicine' by naturopath, herbalist and reflexologist Sandi Rogers contains sections on treating over a hundred common ailments naturally, the vitamin and mineral content in each fruit or vegetable and a guide to making herbal tea.
By pressing on the correct spot on the foot, for example, a reflexologist could be trying to relieve a stomach ailment, or a headache.
As a practicing reflexologist for 14 years, Gaither says she has seen a steady increase in the popularity of reflexology.