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, r?gime
1. a system of government or a particular administration
2. Med another word for regimen



(1) A form of government or a mode of rule.

(2) A systematic routine of life, work, rest, diet, or sleep.

(3) A group of rules, measures, or norms established for the attainment of a goal. An example is economic regime.


The existence in a stream channel of a balance between erosion and deposition over a period of years.
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The Bahraini regime is assaulting the women and children (in prisons) to forces them cooperate with the regime's spy service to identify the revolutionary movements and their members," Seyed Yahya al-Hossein, member of Bahrain's Islamic Amal Party, told FNA on Tuesday.
Moreover, regime helicopters dropped two explosive barrel bombs over several areas in the city of Ariha, killing reportedly one civilian and injuring many others, said the statement.
BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the citizen coalition, Mohammed al-Laqqash ruled out applying presidential regime in Iraq, noting that the citizen bloc is willing to block the presidential regime for fear of dictatorship.
Summary: Syrian rebels and regime forces in Aleppo fought fierce battles near the headquarters of Air Force intelligence Monday evening on the third day of the regime's stepped-up "barrel bomb" offensive against the northern city, prompting officials to close schools for a week in rebel-held areas.
On the anniversary of the Friday of Dignity massacre, the Yemen Times took to the streets to ask locals what difference, if any, they see between the treatment of peaceful protesters by Saleh's regime and the Houthis.
The Code is intended to provide guidance and clarity to the market abuse regime which, in its current form, has been in place in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) since 2012.
The Reserve Bank has varied the Access Regimes for the MasterCard and Visa credit card systems and revoked the Access Regime for the Visa Debit system.
In yet another shocking report, Amnesty International accused the Syrian regime of using starvation as a weapon of war, killing 128 innocent people in the Yarmouk refugee camp alone.
Since 2012, the Syrian regime has drawn from its allies to create a force of foreign combatants that have become essential to its survival.
Eecrit par La Redaction Rapport de la Cour des comptes sur le systeme de retraite La Cour des comptes recommande une reforme progressive des regimes de retraite dans la perspective d'un systeme a regime unique, qui devrait prendre en consideration la penibilite caracterisant certains metiers.
Summary: Damascus: Syrian regime troops repulsed a rebel assault on a village loyal to President Bashar .
Le regime d'Assemblee, designe aussi par l'appellation du regime conventionnel, en reference a la Convention nationale, est defini par les constitutionnalistes comme un regime dans lequel une assemblee unique et souveraine detient la totalite des pouvoirs politiques.

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