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, r?gime
1. a system of government or a particular administration
2. Med another word for regimen



(1) A form of government or a mode of rule.

(2) A systematic routine of life, work, rest, diet, or sleep.

(3) A group of rules, measures, or norms established for the attainment of a goal. An example is economic regime.


The existence in a stream channel of a balance between erosion and deposition over a period of years.
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Russia-backed regime forces on February 18 launched an assault on the besieged region, pounding the area with air strikes, killing more than 630 civilians.
He also pledged not to include the regime on a list of nuclear-armed countries.
Three consecutive sprays for each regime were applied at two week intervals starting from last week of June in both years.
Regime critics face arbitrary arrests, detention and torture, followed by rubber-stamp convictions and imprisonment under harsh conditions.
International coalition airstrikes against Daesh military resources, oil pipelines, and Daesh fighters in Syria weakened Daesh enough for the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces to recapture territory from Daesh in northern Syria, but also allowed regime forces and its allies to move against the group.
t] allow the average level of consumption growth and its volatility to take one of several values at each point in time--that is, they tie consumption growth and volatility to a value dictated by the regime.
The former regime didn't treat protesters as bad as the current one is doing.
The full PDS requirements under the Corporations Act 2001 apply to products that have been excluded from the shorter PDS regime.
The regime has responded to the decline of its regular forces by creating a variety of irregular forces (shabbiha militias, Popular Committees, local militias, the Baath Party Militia) and then merging them under the so-called National Defense Forces.
Security bodies also often represent the most important support for a non-democratic regime, and following the transition to democracy, they remain to be a symbol of the previous regime.
4) This issue aims at improving the understanding of the specific properties of regime complexes as well as the challenges they raise for effective governance.
In terms of content, the regime has from day one dealt with the Syrian uprising as one made up of "armed gangs hired by foreign powers".

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