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This can actually increase your cost by increasing the purging time for the regular polymer or for the purging compound.
So purging should be done near the production output rate for the best result and the most economical use of both the purging compound and regular polymer.
Because cPAM does not adsorb on AKD, regular polymer bridging is impossible and the increase in AKD deposition by cPAM must be due to asymmetric polymer bridging, a phenomenon observed previously (van de Ven and Alince, 1996).
When [alpha]1 = [alpha]3 = 0, Equation (2) describes regular polymer bridging between two types of particles (i.
In the present case cPAM does not adsorb on AKD particles stabilized by cationic starch, and thus regular polymer bridging is impossible.
The more stereo regular polymers in an attempt to compensate for the loss of the crystallinity from insertion errors introduce more of the amorphous portions of the chain by incorporation of an additional amount of ethylene.