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Lead author and geneticist Axel Visel and colleagues studied published snake genomes, also looking at the Sonic hedgehog and a piece of DNA known as ZRS - Zone of Polarizing Activity Regulatory Sequence.
Further study, using extensive sequencing of noncoding or regulatory sequence of these genes, is warranted.
ABSTRACT A 717-bp 5'-flanking regulatory sequence of the metallothionein gene in Crassostrea hongkongensis (ChMT) was isolated using anchored polymerase chain reaction.
The aiiA gene was introduced into Chinese cabbage through the pollen-tube pathway using the plasmid vector pBBBast-aiiA (7, 315 kb), which included aiiA gene, expression regulatory sequence (CaMV 35S promoter, OCS terminator), the herbicide resistant Bar gene and other elements.
Expression of the inserted exogenous gene is then controlled by the gene regulatory sequence of the endogenous gene (Clark et al.
DcCoV UAE-HKU23 and other CoVs in betacoronavirus lineage A possess the same putative transcription regulatory sequence motif, 5'-UCUAAAC-3', at the 3' end of the leader sequence and preceding most ORFs (Table 3; online Technical Appendix Table 1, wwwnc.
In such cases, GFP gene is inserted into the genome of organism in the region of DNA which codes for the target proteins, and is controlled by the same regulatory sequence.
In the present study for the mining of the regulatory sequence of virulence genes of M.
For all ADH genes, researchers have identified regulatory sequence elements (i.
The exact mechanism of how increased expression of Cyp6g1 occurs in DDT-resistant fruitflies is unknown at this stage, but Daborn and colleagues showed that a transposable element (sometimes known as a 'jumping gene') called Accord is inserted into the Cyp6g1 regulatory sequence (the DNA sequences in front of a gene, controlling its expression).
The people generally possessed two to four copies of the regulatory sequence, in contrast to just one copy for each nonhuman primate.
For example, in the April 7, 2001, issue of Science, researchers report that by comparing one million human DNA bases with a corresponding section of mouse DNA, they have found a regulatory sequence that influences three genes involved in the immune response.