reinforcement schedule

bending schedule

A chart showing the shapes and dimensions of every reinforcing bar and the number of bars required on a particular job; prepared by the designer or detailer of the reinforced concrete structure.
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Each of the three participants exhibited resurgence under the thin reinforcement schedule.
The Thrill of the Chase -- Betting is based on a variable partial reinforcement schedule, meaning that you can't really predict when you'll be rewarded again.
Arvey and Ivancevich (1980) found that, in most organizations, future rewards tend to be administered to members of a culture on a variable ratio reinforcement schedule while sanctions tend to be administered on a continuous reinforcement (fixed interval or avoidance learning) schedule.
Once the new behavior is consistent, it is important to change the reinforcement schedule, particularly in terms of frequency and intensity.
All other components of timed practice on that skill remain constant: reinforcement schedule, materials, level of distractibility.
Furthermore, while in laboratory and clinical settings, behavior on a continuous reinforcement schedule will fairly often be employed in certain circumstances, one rarely finds them occurring in natural settings.
Future researchers may wish to consider manipulating the schedule of reinforcement for problem behavior to identify its sensitivity to reinforcement schedule changes when more than two concurrently available reinforcement schedules are in place.
A dense reinforcement schedule for replacement behavior is contrived in one condition.
1998; Roll, Higgins & Badger 1996) provided the best direction as to design of a reinforcement schedule.
Effects of a variable-ratio reinforcement schedule with changing criteria on exercise in obese and nonobese boys.
METHODS: We tested 167 children on a DRL20 (20 sec) reinforcement schedule, and recorded IRTs and the number of reinforced responses across the session.
Reinforcement of positive behaviors commonly utilizes a combination of primary and secondary reinforcers, with tangible reinforcers having a rich fixed ratio reinforcement schedule to establish new behaviors, and social reinforcers having a variable reinforcement schedule to maintain socially appropriate behaviors.