reinforcement schedule

bending schedule

A chart showing the shapes and dimensions of every reinforcing bar and the number of bars required on a particular job; prepared by the designer or detailer of the reinforced concrete structure.
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Like a gambler at a slot machine, if you vary the reinforcement schedule, your dog will keep playing the training game, waiting for it to pay off.
Phase IV: Reconditioning The VI 32 s baseline reinforcement schedule was resumed for two sessions following the extinction tests.
The maintenance of behavior can also be enhanced through the manipulation of the reinforcement schedule during and after initially training the response.
Regarding the themes dealt with, Serrano, Sosa and Gonzalez present the results of the research where the objective was to evaluate the development of stimulus control under a reinforcement schedule temporarily defined, finding that the limited availability of strengthening programs defined temporarily prevents stimulus control, and that this control takes place without behavioral patterns derived from the sequential regularity between sub-cycles.
The students receive tokens on an intermittent reinforcement schedule for being on-task, displaying compliant behavior, or for the completion of academic assignments.
Arvey and Ivancevich (1980) found that, in most organizations, future rewards tend to be administered to members of a culture on a variable ratio reinforcement schedule while sanctions tend to be administered on a continuous reinforcement (fixed interval or avoidance learning) schedule.
Once the new behavior is consistent, it is important to change the reinforcement schedule, particularly in terms of frequency and intensity.
The reinforcement schedule was rather lean; that is, the student was able to delay earning a trinket because she had to earn five tickets before they could be redeemed.
All other components of timed practice on that skill remain constant: reinforcement schedule, materials, level of distractibility.
Furthermore, while in laboratory and clinical settings, behavior on a continuous reinforcement schedule will fairly often be employed in certain circumstances, one rarely finds them occurring in natural settings.
A dense reinforcement schedule for replacement behavior is contrived in one condition.
2005), N trials resulted in a sharp decline in goal tracking times for the two groups exposed to the partial reinforcement schedule.