spot relamping

The replacement of each lamp in a lighting system, individually, at the time it fails. Also see group relamping.
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Including emergency, fault, overhaul, group relamping and administration including errors and plants database.
With no relamping needed, it significantly reduces maintenance costs
If lens cleaning occurred during relamping, that cleaning is now not occurring because lamps are not being spot replaced.
The initial investment (including removal of old exterior lighting, changing to 70-watt LED fixtures, adding controls and minor relamping inside buildings) was $2 million.
In October, Citeclaire won the tender for the relamping of a selection of buildings in Istres (Bouche-du-Rhone), and will take part in this 40 000 people towns energy transition program.
8221; RelampIt will also have a table on the exhibit show floor to inform attendees about the multiple benefits of relamping.
Allowing building managers to log energy use over time, real time energy use, individual space occupancy, and facilitate operational scheduling for tasks such as group relamping cycles.
The housing features a room side access door for serviceability and for relamping the replaceable LED strips.
Spot LED features advanced high-power LED technology, maximising light output and efficiency and eliminating the need for relamping.
The work to be performed provides for facility management services; facilities investment services consisting of operation, maintenance, repair, minor construction and alteration services for buildings, structures and facility systems, water treatment services, backflow preventer maintenance, locksmith services, relamping services, roof inspections, fire protection, etc.
Helena Hoffman, senior manager of facilities, said in addition to using the sensors, Blue Shield of California expects to see a 22% annual energy savings at its El Dorado Hills campus from its 2007 relamping project.